Halloween Costumes . . . at Work?

Where I work, we can wear (appropriate) Halloween costumes to work this week. I’m not really into dressing up, so I think I’ll print up a big QR code and attach it to my shirt, and then when people scan the code, they can see what I would have worn. (NOTE: I work at a software company, so I know my colleagues will know what to do with the code.)

This is what I would wear if I was into that kind of thing, and if I looked good in green.

Image Credit: Ozdust Boutique (http://goo.gl/spsGB)

Tip: To make a QR code, just visit Google’s URL Shortener page, paste in the URL of the image, then click on Details to see the code you’ve created.

Hat Tip: I was inspired to wear a QR code by this post at Parties for Pennies.

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