Wizard of Oz Quotes Subway Art

Wizard of Oz QuotesThe Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time. (To those of you who know me even in passing, this is not a surprise.) I thought I’d try my hand at creating subway art of my favorite lines from the movie. The hardest part of this whole project was limiting the number of lines to include.

Creating your own subway art

  1. Choose your favorite quotations. I used IMDB to quickly find the ones I wanted.
  2. Copy and paste the quotations into Notepad, to easily remove all the formatting.
  3. Using Microsoft Publisher, create a “canvas” of your desired size. Mine was 16×20.
  4. Make a text box the size of the canvas.
  5. From Notepad, copy your quotations and paste them into Publisher.
  6. Choose your font. I knew I wanted a chalkboard-looking font, so I went to my favorite free font site, Dafont, found KG Ten Thousand Reasons, and installed it.
  7. Highlight all the text in your document.
  8. Choose full justification.
  9. Change the font to your desired size. Mine was 24 point.
  10. Change the font color to white. You won’t be able to see the text at this point, since both the font color and text box fill are white.
  11. Fill your text box with black. You should now be able to see your text again.
  12. At this point, you may be done. But for mine, the quotations are from so many different characters, and some of them are multiple-sentence quotations, I needed something to divide the quotations up. I found a transparent gif of Dorothy’s ruby slippers, pasted it in and sized it to the height of the text. (NOTE: Microsoft Publisher allows you to insert an image inline with text, which makes it much easier than having them “floating” on the page. That way, when you move your quotations around on the page, the image shifts just like the text does.) I spent about 30 minutes making sure the ruby slippers were spaced appropriately on the page; I didn’t want them “stacked,” so I had to shift around some of the quotations.
  13. Along with saving your project in .pub format, do a Save As and save the project as a .jpg in high resolution.

So . . . here’s the finished product. I have uploaded it to Walgreens already, taking advantage of their New Year’s Day special of 50% off all photo items. It will cost me a whopping $7.49.

Wizard of Oz Quotes

So, what do you think? Are you ready now to create your own subway art of your favorite lines from movies?


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